Is Your Bank Sitting on a Content Gold Mine?
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Is Your Bank Sitting on a Content Gold Mine?

The case for measuring your content marketing program's ROI

Chances are you're already creating great content for your business clients. You've spent a great deal of time, effort and money to keep your clients engaged through e-newsletters, white papers, case studies and the like. That investment, according to content marketing experts, is likely returning an impressive ROI, by generating leads, retaining existing clients and cross-selling more services.

A case in point is a recent ROI study conducted by a bank that prefers to remain anonymous. This bank divided its business clients into two groups. Group A received a quarterly newsletter and similar thought-leadership content. Group B received no such information. At year's end Group A had a 70:1 return on its marketing spend.

Calculating the ROI of your bank's content marketing program

Net ROI of more than 7,000 percent

The challenge of keeping up with demand

Corporate practitioners' demand for relevant content remains high. But keeping up with demand can be daunting. The good news is that if you're like most banks, you already possess an enormous amount of great content.

Here are some ways you can get greater mileage from content in your marketing archives, as well as mine valuable content from other departments.

  • Conference presentations. Whether in recorded video format, as a script or as a PowerPoint slide deck, conference information can be easily tweaked for re-publishing.
  • Product Development. Materials produced by this department are typically developed in a product/solution format, which can be modified for newsletter articles and other solutions-based content.
  • Sales collateral. Sales may have developed case studies, leave-behinds and other collateral that can easily be repurposed.
  • Internal documents. Are there internal documents for educational or training purposes that when modified can be of value to your external audience?
  • Organizing archived content in a resource library. Grouping archived information by industry sector, job title or business line can create a business library that resides on your website. You can also aggregate articles with a common theme into white papers, slide decks or audio/visual presentations.

The Content Marketing Institute supports this notion, stating that previously published content often simply needs a title change, or perhaps the inclusion of additional elements, to generate added value.

FPS can help you get organized and generate a bigger bang for your marketing dollars. We can help you work with other bank departments to aggregate content. We can assist you in repurposing and/or updating underutilized content to provide for your business clients the compelling solutions-oriented content those clients look to you — as their financial partner — to provide.

To discuss whether this content management service might be right for you, contact Vince DiPaolo at 847-501-4120 x3 or at [email protected].

FPS develops, manages and distributes custom business content on behalf of banks and other financial services marketers. Specializations include marketing consulting, e-newsletters, conference presentations, white papers, case studies, multimedia demos and tutorials, and bylined article writing and placement services.

For more information, contact:
FPS Business Development Director Tom Nicholson at 212-203-2803 or [email protected].
FPS President Vince DiPaolo at 847-501-4120 x3 or [email protected].

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