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Digital Interactive Sales Tool That Compels Decision Makers to Buy

By Tom Heaton, President, TrueCore Advisors


In order to persuade a buyer that your products, services and solutions have value, it's imperative that clients and prospects are guided by you, their trusted advisor, with factual information, visual data and some emotional connection that compels them to take action — ideally action that results in the client buying into the value of your company's solutions.

With the growing popularity of The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation, a client-centered selling book written by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson, sales strategy is rapidly evolving. That means transitioning from pitching to far more client-focused "commercial teaching."

You and your sales team need the right tools for shaping and leading a professional business discussion, and equipping each client with tools loaded with content that will help you extract that client's unique drivers of value.

The importance of helping buyers visualize and quantify your value proposition is becoming increasingly critical to success. One can persuasively argue that with complex buyer-stakeholder teams driving many buy decisions today, you simply cannot afford anything but a well-trained team of sales professionals, armed with collaborative and client-engaging tools, to assist clients down the path to value realization.

Recent studies show over 40% of lost sales are due to a "no decision." That's right — most of your competitors don't have the foggiest idea how to teach, tailor and take control of the value visualization gap (key themes of The Challenger Sale). As a result, clients either drop out of the sales process or linger for weeks, months and even years in a state of indecision or "no decision," and the sale is lost.

Fortunately, the market is adapting and new solutions are evolving that enable leaders to equip their sales teams with some compelling solutions. These new solutions enable a sales professional to reframe the client's challenges. They help the client peel back the layers while repositioning the client's viewpoint, with persuasive return on investment (ROI) drivers of value unique to them. When you accomplish this, your sales professionals will have embedded themselves as trusted members of the client's team.

Since most sales are never closed on the first, second or even the third appointment, it's important to increase share of mind and time with your prospects and clients, so more time is spent with your firm. The client rapidly begins to value your team and the insights you offer. To remain the valued link in their chain of value realization, you leave them with relevant and useful resources for problem-solving and identification of the ideal solution.

This is not a simple task, yet it's one of the most essential elements in your go-to-market strategy and execution. You need to commit time and priority to develop or explore some of the already proven options available in the market that help you accelerate your speed-to-market and start capturing more share of mind and wallet. And you need to do it before your competitors do it.

Click on the ROI ✓ ✓ link below and watch a 2-minute video and explore just one solution available today. Ultimately, you will be served best with solutions that are driving successful sales outcomes for other formidable and noteworthy companies and their sales teams.

ROI ... check!

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Tom Heaton is president of TrueCore Advisors, a firm specializing in go-to-market strategy and execution programs that drive revenue growth for banks and fintech, insurance and health care companies.

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