Advertorials and Bylined Article Placement

Article Placement and Advertorial Development in niche media are two of the most effective ways to position your financial institution as an industry thought leader and trusted advisor.

FPS assists in identifying niche publishing opportunities that will maximize exposure to your intended audience. We develop a media strategy that ensures placement and then suggest compelling topics likely to generate high readership. Our writers' and editors' unparalleled knowledge about business banking and treasury services results in consultative, solutions-oriented content that maximizes readership.

With more than 25 years of industry-specific editorial experience, combined with a staff of writers and editors carefully selected from the financial industry's leading publications and organizations, FPS is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your media strategy and placement goals.

Whether placing a bylined article or purchasing an advertorial placement, FPS helps you:

  • Select a target publication, for both online and offline placement.
  • Develop a strategy that maximizes marketing impact for selected media channels.
  • Identify topics and client case studies most likely to be accepted for publication.
  • Engage your authors/sources to ensure that both subject matter and content reflect your institution's unique brand and authority.
  • Collaborate with periodical editors to see the bylined article placement process through to publication. We also work with the publication to arrange reprints and obtain copyright permissions for re-publication to your website, social media channels, e-mail communications and more.

If you like, FPS also can e-mail broadcast these materials to your clients and prospects, provide brand-mirrored layout and design, and supply tracking tools to measure the resulting online behaviors of each individual recipient.