Professional Services

Professional Layout, Graphics and Design

FPS offers professional design services, including infographics development, for newsletters, web pages and other paper and online formats.

Email Broadcasting

Our marketing delivery system provides all of the essential elements you'll need to deliver professional online content. Our broadcast program includes providing advice regarding cutting-edge strategies and technologies that can boost read and click-through rates.

Client Engagement Tracking and Reporting

  • Data tracking. FPS provides the latest technology to enable you to track opens, click-throughs and viral (pass-along) readership. This same technology enables you to identify informational preferences of individual readers, electronically following the readers' "footprints" as they move from articles and white papers to specific landing pages throughout your website.
  • Hot prospect identification. Our automated system employs a weighted point system that both identifies hot prospects and reveals their "pain points" and informational preferences. This detailed intelligence enables each relationship manager to engage prospects in more relevant follow-up.