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You and your team are busy delivering premium, original content. However, internal resources can be stretched thin as you are caught in an endless cycle of harnessing the knowledge and perspective of your already time-strapped Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). You struggle to consistently develop fresh topics that will resonate with your client base. Equally challenging is finding the writing expertise needed to turn those topics into polished, relevant content.

For years, world-class banks have relied on FPS specialists to make the entire content development process a lot less taxing for both their marketing team and their SMEs, shortening the entire cycle.

Here's how our content development process works. We:

  • Assist in identifying compelling topics of interest and value to financial executives.
  • Conduct topic research and collaborate with your team to achieve customized, professionally written content.
  • Continue collaboration through final content revisions and approval.
  • Provide professional layout, design and graphics services.
  • Post content for viewing in your choice of online format and delivery channel.
  • Execute e-mail broadcasts and provide optional client list management services.
  • Provide real-time tracking and reporting by individual client engagement.
  • Deliver print and fulfillment services as required.